Ivan McLellan has been involved in the photographic scene for over 55 Years........

In this time he has owned and operated a successful wedding & portrait studio, Imported and sold,Studio Flash units, Arca Swiss Camera's, Colour processing plants, Wedding Photo Albums, Portable flash units, Sailwind filters & vignetter's, Software and all other sorts of odds and ends. He founded Chromatek Colour Labs in 1974 selling it about 20 years later to Kodak in 1993.

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  • Sailwind "Hand-Cast Glass' filters
  • Sony played this mind-blowing video at their
  • Luda's travel photos over 3000 photos of Austria , Albania, Bosnia, Bulgaria, and so on thro all of the countries we visit
  • The Morocco index, all you will need to know!
  • The 2012 China tour With information on guides and everything you need to know about travelling by motorhome across China
  • The Book Professional Photography in New Zealand 1938 to 1992
  • FINAL PROOF ..... the Ivan Mclellan Story
  • eBooks ...... the above books are being converted into e books one at a time
  • Caravans ..... China Caravans beware of these Companies

The Ivan McLellan Travel Books

For many years whenever I wandered around the world I would write up a journal on my travels and send this out as a travelogues to about 100 friends.

Now I have taken these travelogues and combined them with my photographs or Ludas photographs and produced books from a company in America called Blurb and have printed one of each of these books, for our own pleasure.

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Ivan's Travel Experiences

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