"Yongkang Lvfan Co., Ltd”. And the company of “Made in China com"

Warning.. Warning.. Warning.. Warning

If you are consideriing dealing with Yongkang Lvfan Co., Ltd Contact:

Tel----0579-87231109 Mail---- lvfan@china-electricbikes.com

Web: WWW.china-electricbikes.com

Address:No.1 Zhaoyang RoadHardware Science & Technology Industrial AreaYongkang Zhejiang Province

Do so at your own Risk....... and I will list the reasons below.

They claim to sell caravans and Elecrtic bikes etc, however I can only talk of Caravans .... here are my experiences .... you can make of it what you wish

thank you for your inquiry.
please see the attached internal picture and specification. the price including the shipping cost is USD9800/per unit.
1) payment term: T/T(100%)
2) delivery time:  After received your payment we deliver your goods in 45 days

our Australia client add their own brand to sell.  no problem, you can first order 2 units to try our product quality
cooperate with Australia"JAYCO" company. we are their branch in China. you can browse their website.
the price of gas water- heater is USD 250. the refrigerator is 230v/12 V. yes, the solar panel is connected to the battery with a controller.
yes, we can sell the refrigerator with Gas & 230v & 12v. if you make sure to order 2 units. we will do a PI invoice contract. in the PI invoice contract there is the remittance account number of our company.   according to the account number you can remit.  after receiving your payment we will immediately arrange to produce  and we will deliver goods in 45 days.

we have already worked well PI invoice contract, in the attachment. please confirm.
in PI invoice contract there is the remittance account number of our company. 
If you remit  please send us the bank receipt, so that we arrange to produce quickly

our quality warranty is 5 years. if you find a broken or defective part you can send it back to our company for replacement. all expenses will be undertaken by our company.
ok. thank you. if you have remitted please send us the bank receipt for us to arrange to produce as soon as possible.

Ok, we will arrange to produce as soon as possible. yes,  the Refrigerator is fitted with Gas & 230v & 12v. the shipping time is probably on November 20th.

yes, the shipping time is probably on November 20th.we will arrange to produce as soon as possible.

this week we will finish.

have been already finished. the technique section is checking quality, next week book a ship.

because the caravan contains a battery, the ship company needs a battery safety authenticated report. we are doing the battery  safety authenticated report, we will send you the pictures afte geted the report.  we will inform you the shipping time by that time.
Send them without their batteries, it is easy to get them here....

too late. we have already been doing. we will finish in these two days.  next week we will send you the picture.

the goods will ship on next wednesday.

Please provide the company name, address and telephone of the consignee quickly, for the purpose of bill of lading

When would you expect the Caravan order to arrive in New Zealand?
Around January 15, 2018

our company is having New Year's Day holiday. next week, we will send you.

  Please find attached shipping documents including an invoice for 3 caravans at USD 5780 each, not USD 9800.  Total weight of consignment shows as 1260 KG, not the 2180 KG per caravan you were expecting
we think we have delivered the correct goods. after you receive the goods if having any problem we will solve quickly. Please trust.

your goods are loaded by a 20 foot container and a 40 foot container.  the 40 foot container didn't arrive.
ok.next week we will send you them. the 40 foot container with your goods is at Ningbo port.  it will ship on 20th.

we have already worked well PI invoice contract in the attachment. please check and confirm.
six berth caravans have already sent to Ningbo port yesterday. probably next Saturday sail. we will go to work on 2 March

2 caravans you order probably will arrive  to you on 10,March, 2018.

because the chassis factory is too busy, hold up us, very sorry. next time we will hurry up to deliver the order.

because just passed the Chinese New Year, our workers come back late and held up time for you. very sorry.
all of the caravans are handly made, so producing time is very slow-moving, generally producing period needs to take 3-5 months.

we can't cheat you. if we cheat you we will not send you the email.  if the caravans not arrive to you by the end of march, we will send back your payment, please trust.
the caravana are already on a ship, will arrive to you by the end of March. our shipping agent will send you bill of lading

So sorry!The RV has batteries that is dangerous goods, the shipping company controls them very strictly, so we need to provide battery safety certification to give us the bill of lading. So we are delayed, we are doing the battery safety certification, and we will do it well next week. We will send you the bill of lading immedately . Please wait patiently.

yes,  the Caravans have left China

Yes, we use COSCO Shipping Company, we will know which is the bow ship shipping when we get the bill of lading, we will send you the bill of lading after the battery certification.

we are doing the battery safety certification, and we will do it well next week. We will send you the bill of lading immedately . Please wait patiently.

Due to customs regulations of this year, we need to redo safety certification when shiping the order, it is troublesome and takes time

very sorry. delaying you so many time , it is mainly because the authenticated company  delay our battery certificate. they have promised us today and  will definitely give us by April 10. so we have no way to waite for.  once we get the certificate, we immediately will send you the bill of lading.
OK, we'll send you the bill of lading as soon possible.

 we have already delivered goods. why do you still complain to made-in- China.com? Please cancel to complain quickly.

We terribly apologize, pls do not break our relationship.
Because battery certification company delay too much casue this misunderstanding. Now the certification have been on the way to our company.
If you want cancel the goods, we suggest two ways to slove this situation:
1)Return the goods which you have received before, and we will return your payment.
2)We will give discount for the goods which you have received, and we will return your balance payment.
Waiting for your reply.

1 forward the bill of lading within 5 days

our battery certificate has already sent out to the ship company. the ship company is confirming, and we wait for their replying.

Shipping company take lots time for certified checking. This delay our times. Now we just could do the 3.refund all the money paid less the US$ 6000.Please provide account number 

  now our ountry controls U.S. dollar remittance very strictly.  need the bank approval, we need some time. your payment probably sends back by the end of Apr.

We have already remited according to Article 3.

because 5.1 our bank go on vacation for 3 days, so hold up. now  refunding USD our bank controls very strict, after needing to examine and approve.  we have already handed in to approve to our bank and probably  complete on this week, we will send back your payment by may 15 as soon as possible.

When will I see the money ........ you told me by the end of April ..... it is now 2nd May ........ Why do you make promises that you do not keep

The best price for 3 sets which you have received is USD3200.00/SET. Total amount for 3 sets will be USD3200*3=USD9600.00.
The amount of we return will be USD19600-USD9600=USD10000.00.

 Please send us your private bank account number, please provide according to the format.

Tomorrow is the 15th May and looks like being another broken promise ...
I will cancel the complaint WHEN the money arrives in my account....

15/5/18 Hurrah .....the money arrived but I still have to sell the trailer campers that I did not order and arrived in not mint condition .. This ends 226 days that I never want to repeat

They are still advertizing on Made in China web site which in my mind make that company suspect as well

Warning.. Warning.. Warning.. Warning

If you are looking for a Chinese company to deal with and you look at "Made in China com" be aware that I believe they accept advertisers without knowing if the companies exist or are reputable and there is a possibility that you are going it have the same experience as mine listed on this page.


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They arre still advertizing on Made in China web site which in my mind make that company suspect as well

Yongkang Lvfan Co., Ltd.