For about 15 years From 1977 to 1991 I wrote a monthly newsletter telling my customers about ways of promoting their business, ideas on marketing, production in the lab, new processes being introduced, my views of what was happening around New Zealand, what I saw overseas and anything else that came to mind.

In all there were 109 monthly volumes many over 20 A4 pages in length.

I have reproducing these volumes on these pages with the Lab stuff will find the subjects are still relevant with minor or major updating

So here are... 145 A4 pages consisting of 75,183 words on Business Ideas for the Wedding & Portrait is spread over 27 Web pages....good luck with the information.

2010 in redesigning these web pages without changing the content I am surprised as to how "TODAY" the articles are, just some minor changes because of the changes to technology there is still good tips on how to really make money from Pro Photography!

  • Newsletter one 1977, 78, 79, 81 Comments by Ken Whitmire. Studio flash units. Three-panel baby promotion. Telephone solicitation. Batteries. Writing a letter that is convincing. The best printing instructions I ever had at the lab.
  • Newsletter two 1979 Marks on prints and printfinishing. Inter changeable back cameras. Report from North Carolina. Alma Evans. Commercial photography. Ed deCroce. Leon Kennamer. Van Moore. A morning with Harold Bovee. Tom and Jo Alice McDonald. Rocky Gunn.
  • Newsletter three 1978, 79 A successful portrait promotion. How soft is an umbrella. Wedding contracts. Customer complaints. How to predict your profit twelve months ahead and achieve it
  • Newsletter four 1981 A refresher course on studio procedure and sales in 6300 words.. a must for all out to make money.
  • Newsletter five 1982 Where have all the photographers gone? More people are displaying large prints. Junk mail. Direct mail. Increase your profits. Every family is together at some time. Family groups. Selling. Promotions.
  • Newsletter six 1981 Bill Brown. Convention at Las Vegas. Wedding survey (by Kodak USA). Did these weddings have photographs? How were the professionals chosen? How many photographers were considered for the job? What made the Bride make her final choice? What were they offered? Price (in 1980 US$). The photographers. Income. Things you can do to improve your business. Those with no photographer. Image. Straight business advice. Income. Selling extra group photographs.
  • Newsletter seven 1982 "Plan and promote". Now just what "Professionalism" is. On to albums. What about the over forties. What sort of customers do you have? You can only sell what you show.
  • Newsletter nine 1982, 83 Fogging of film with an RB67. Treat the customer right. Business executives. Are you a Professional in Photography? Promotion ideas. Guarantees. Re on the wedding and portrait industry
  • Newsletter ten 1983 The economy. Balloons . Professional Photographers of Indiana. Linda Lapp & Four classes of people . Quality for money . Love clusters . Simon Hart talks in Managing Technological change . New sales aid for studios. "on smiles" Ian Hawthorne. Important words .
  • Newsletter eleven 1983 Ronald Friedman. Direct marketing seminar. How good is direct mail ? Credit cards. More on the Direct mail seminar.
  • Newsletter twelve 1984 Heads. John Pforr say's. Know all about your customer. How sharp are your negatives. D.H.Moore Peregrinations:
  • Newsletter thirteen 1984 Where is your market. How to sell large portraits . Negative retouching . A Kodak promotion.
  • Newsletter fourteen 1984 Portrait Economics
  • Newsletter fifteen 1987, 88 Ideas that did not work
  • Newsletter sixteen 1983 History Gerhard Bakker. What is a trans-proof. Stains on prints... When you mount them . Adris Apse.
  • Newsletter seventeen 1983 Why should anyone buy your photos. We are in the memory business. The best. The new vogue look. How can you convince them? Appointments . 20 x 16 verses 5 x 4 . Family album . Worldly goods.
  • Newsletter eighteen 1984, 85 Selling. Teach your community . The Yale University Art gallery. Paul Yaffe.
  • Newsletter nineteen 1985 $15.00 gift certificate. Report on seminars . Parental responsibility. Prove. 18 year olds. Your customers. The Limited . Titbits. Selling by communicating .
  • Newsletter twenty 1985 All is not lost. The Prince of Wales and the Royal kids. What is your image? Keeping track of sales. How important is costing how important is costing. Costing via a cash register. Adrianne's wedding. Trans proofs. Book every Wedding. English photographers . Uncles .
  • Newsletter twenty-one 1986 St. Louis. Norfolk, Virginia. Desmond Groves in Harrods. Print finishing - negative retouching . Charles Green . Charles' fellowship. Spotting. Rugby . Developing and energizing relationships with employees .
  • Newsletter twenty-two 1986 Improving customer relations . Advertising - the difference between spending and investing . Wedding prices . The studios . What do your customers think of you? . Costing .
  • Newsletter twenty-three 1988 Business groups. Pricing. Professionalism. At the end. Items. Time.
  • Newsletter twenty-four 1988 Business cards. German business cards. Christmas cards. Dumb customers. Commercial photography. Photographs being copied. Canvas = new business. Time stands still. Invitational sittings. Spread your purchases. You give them business expect business in return.
  • Newsletter twenty-five 1988 Your mailing list. Get your work around. Third party promotion. New customers. Try, try, try again. That won't work here…thats American. Perhaps an item for your price list .
  • Newsletter twenty-six Looking after your Customer. The Professional Market In N.Z. Colour copy machines. Wedding photography. Weddings & video. Advertising.
  • Newsletter twenty-seven Problem customers. The wow shot. Wedding photography. Business cycles. 1909 and 1990.
  • Newsletter twenty-eight $400 wedding coverage; If you don't own it, how can you sell it? If you want to keep weddings; Wedding styles for 1991; Keep your photographers; Cellular telephones & weddings.