Ivan Photo Photo; Ivan in Red Square, Moscow 2003

With a name like "Ivan" all his life he has had comments about it "being different" to the normal "English" names of English Canterbury.

Now when he visits the old Soviet block they all ask "Why do you have a Russian name"? He, of course, comments that it is not a Russian name but, a Slav name. SO to make EVERYONE happy I had this photo taken and included the picture of the Russians dancing!

Russians dancing

More? click here for Ivans photographic history in 2500 words

Ivan McLellan has been involved in the photographic scene for over close to 50 Years.

In this time he has owned and operated a successful wedding & portrait studio, Imported and sold,Studio Flash units, Arca Swiss Camera's, Colour processing plants, Wedding Photo Albums, Portable flash units, Sailwind filters & vignetter's, Software and all other sorts of odds and ends.   He founded Chromatek Colour Labs in 1974 selling it about 20 years later to Kodak in 1993.

Some time ago he closed down a small Mini Lab in the Seaside Suburb of Sumner (That he was playing with), Christchurch was still importing and selling photo gear and Software and some second hand gear (Now travels instead),  assembling this Web Page ( a on going job) , teaching himself Visual Basic 6 software language (Now travels instead), taking photographs and writes for pleasure, enjoying driving a Italian car (now Sold) on the South Island roads, traveling to other countries 2002 will include USA, Mexico, Cuba, Germany, Holland, Russia, Malta, Belgium, France, England, Scotland, Singapore on the way home.

2003 found the restraint of trade finished and Ivan deciding that he would rather carry on traveling than going back into business. this year he traveled to Ukraine, Crimea, London, Germany, Greek Islands, Crete, Athens, Finland, Estonia, Poland, Holland, St Petersburg, Moscow, Vietnam, Singapore & home thro Melbourne. This year he did all of his photography on Digital and wrote over 60,000 words on his travels which along with the photos will possibally be made into a book.

2004 travelled thro Singapore, Bangkok, Pakistan, Muscat, Dubai, Cairo, Frankfurt, Amsterdam, London, Poland, Romania, Bulgaria, Crimea, Spain, Portugal, Los Angeles and on home to New Zealand.

Since then I have opened a special section on this web site listing the travel see more at