For many years whenever I wandered around the world I would write up a journal on my travels and send this out as a travelogues to about 100 friends.

Now I have taken these travelogues and combined them with my photographs or Ludas photographs and produced books from a company in America called Blurb and have printed one of each of these books, for our own pleasure.

However so we can share this pleasure with other people, we have placed the books in the public domain on the blurb website giving you the ability to look at every page without spending any money.

Whilst I am not expecting to sell any of these books they are available for sale should you wish to have your own copy. No I will not be printing any of these in volume.

To access any of these books simply click on the photo and this will take you through to the preview section for that particular book.

eBooks ...... the above books are being converted into ebooks one at a time