I did my first photos in China with a domestic Nikon 301 with a 28-200 Zoom. I them moved to a Nikon 801 with a Sigma 75 to 300 and this range of focal length has been my favorite for about 10 years, todate I have taken about 98% of my photos this a 75-300.

I have gradated thro various camera bags form carrying three 801 bodies to Nepal to the bag below that I now have used for about six years, it will hold a body & three lenses.

The camera & Lenses with a` special lead lined box to carry 56 rolls of 36exp, enough for 2016 exposures, it has been a great system if one ignores the weight of the film & box

See above the lead lining, this is a special product I found in Chicago where the make products for the Xray business, I purchased a part sheet. Then out of Perspex I made the film containers which worked well when Security asked me to open the box they could not see thro. See the stickers I used to number the films in the order they were taken. The total purpose of this box was to get security to do a hand inspection. If you asked them often the said "Film safe" and just sent the film thro. With this box you said nothing and they asked YOU if they could do a inspection. As soon as the say the lead they were happy, it is the same as the lead hanging down on the Xray machines, they hardly looked at the film they way it was presented.

The EOS 33, 17-35 Sigmar & my 75-300 zoom lens

I moved over to Canon when I want to improve the sharpness of my images so I moved to Image Stabilization lenses which Canon only had, even today they have the best range of these lenses

I moved over to Digital when the cameras were affordable and were above 6 mil pixels. Also I was getting tired of putting thye film seprately thro security and since Sept 11 anything to get thro security easier need to be considered. It is bad enough to have two steel knees and the problem that causes. Above could be a days shoot and it is obvious which anyone would rather carry. Add in the advantage of editing every night and reusing the cards it is a "easy vote" I save all my images in the Raw format.

The Canon D60 camera travel kit, the D60 body with Zoom EF 28-135mm IS Image Stabilizer , Zoom EF 75-300mm Image Stabilizer USM Autofocus Lenses, two spare batterysm, battery charger three spare CompactFlash cards. All of this fits into the bag below. NOTE This has all changed and I will update this page soon

Alll of the above fits into the above bag, I have places a EOS 33 beside the bag to give a idea of size.