Who should travel on a group tours to Morocco?

I am very much aware that there are many English motor-homers who have never travelled outside England and are nervous of driving on the other side of the road. A lot of these people probably consider the first travelling experience in Europe perhaps should be with a group, and I would agree with them if the group started at Dover.

Desert Detours meeting point is at Algeciras Spain, so this novice motorhomer would have to cross over to France on the ferry, find his way all the way through France, then on through Spain, to the bottom of Spain, driving over 2000 km through countries that do not speak English as a first language, find camping grounds or overnight parking spots for at least five or six nights, quite frankly by the time they get to Algeciras they will no longer be a novice.

If they are capable all of getting to Algeciras to join a group tour they are capable of travelling all-round Morocco providing they have done a little bit of homework and getting a good map and a camping guide. This will cost considerably less than being ferried around Morocco like a herd of sheep from one city to the other, with the minimum amount of information being supplied by the tour leaders, and listening to their horror stories of what happens to you if you travel by yourself.

They don't tell you that 150,000 motorhomes visit Morocco each year, a very small fraction of this number are in a tour so thousands travelled this country without any problems

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